Simple, secure and efficient whole loan and loan participation trading marketplace.

Capstack creates new ways for financial institutions to diversify portfolios, access liquidity, and achieve their goals.

Our platform

A platform designed to reduce execution complexity.

Active offering type distribution

  • CRE: Non Owner Occupied (42%)


  • CRE: Owner Occupied (35%)


  • Multifamily Residential RE (15%)


  • Farmland Loans RE (8%)



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The Capstack marketplace enables opportunities for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions to buy and sell whole loans and loan participations — no matter their size or geography. Diversification and access to liquidity are more important to financial institutions than ever. Capstack makes it easy to find new sources of revenue and liquidity, and collaborate with confidence.


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Our Mission

Capstack is dedicated to helping financial institutions collaborate securely and efficiently. Backed by leading fintech investors and some of the world’s largest banks, we aim to make a positive impact on the industry we serve.

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