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Capstack Technologies revolutionizes financial collaboration, connecting banks to a vast network of peers so they can efficiently communicate, share assets, and diversify capital.

Our platform is the first bank-to-bank loan marketplace to offer a secure and automated system, allowing you to own your growth strategy while minimizing risk and maximizing opportunity.

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Why does every startup want to help you get paid?

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Capstack Technologies Raises Funding From Citi Ventures

Pulse 2.0
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Citi Ventures stakes Capstack with a Strategic Investment
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9 Key Insights to De-Risking Banks & a Fintech Solution

Efi Pylarinou
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How to Use the Recurring Revenue Financing to Accelerate Growth with Michal Cieplinski, Pipe

Traction - A Community for Investors
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Where Credit’s Due Ep. 10: Getting capital without dilution or debt through recurring revenue financing, with Pipe and Anthemis

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